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1 General
Artportalen is owned and maintain by ArtDatabanken at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences and with principle funding from The Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The information is covered by the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (Swedish Code of Statutes – SFS 2009:400) and managed according to Swedish law.

Observation information in Artportalen is open and available for all with the exception of species on the ArtDatabanken list of protected species (see paragraph 8)

2 Use of Artportalen's observation data
ArtDatabanken is not responsible for the accuracy of data in Artportalen. The user of the data has the responsibility to assess the quality of the data and how this may affect the use.

3 Media in Artportalen
Images in Artportalen are covered by copyright and should not be distributed or processed without consent of the copyright holder.

4 Information on sensitive species is not public.
There is a protection classification system which determines how much information about a particular observation is publically visible to protect sensitive species against disturbance. The classification is undertaken in collaboration with ArtDatabanken, expert committees and is under constant review.
Information on such species is not public but only visible to the reporter, co-observers and on a need to know basis for approved personal with environmental management activities or research. Requests for information are handled and assessed in accordance to the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (Swedish Code of Statutes – SFS 2009:400).

5 Logo
Please contact Artportalen support (support@artportalen.se) for access to Artportalens logo and guidance as to how it may be used.

6 Citing Artportalen
Analysis published using data from Artportalen should cite ArtDatabanken, SLU, as the source.

“Artportalen (Swedish Species Observation System), http://www.artportalen.se/ (date of access)”

For research publications and all other kinds of reports that have used the Analysis Portal, please add the following credits:

"Data used in this study were downloaded from the Swedish LifeWatch Analysis Portal [date of download and chosen data providers]. The Analysis Portal is funded by the Swedish Research Council and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency through the Swedish LifeWatch Project (Grant No. 829-2009-6287).” 
We strongly recommended that you also declare the Data Providers the analysis were run with if specific projects were selected.
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